eaf 1.9 Unreleased

  • Compute Vorob’ev threshold, expectation and deviation. Plots of the symmetric deviation. (Mickael Binois)
  • Non-integer EAF percentiles are computed correctly. (Manuel López-Ibáñez)

  • Various aesthetic improvements in eafplot() and eafdiffplot(). (Manuel López-Ibáñez)

  • Functions for computing hypervolume, hypervolume contributions, epsilon metric, IGD+, filter dominated points, and fast normalisation of ranges. (Manuel López-Ibáñez)

  • Online documentation available at: http://lopez-ibanez.eu/eaftools (Manuel López-Ibáñez)

  • New ‘read_datasets()’ replaces deprecated ‘read.data.sets()’. (Manuel López-Ibáñez)

eaf 1.8 2018-03-22

  • Development version moved to GitHub: https://github.com/MLopez-Ibanez/eaf

  • Remove leading zeros from version number.

  • New parameters left.panel.last and right.panel.last of eafdiffplot().

  • Export and document function eafs() to compute EAFs.

  • eafdiff.pl: Handle --colors=, --intervals=.

  • Fix crash in eafplot() if sets is a vector of strings.

  • Reset layout in eafdiffplot().

  • Compute eaf for 3D.

  • Added testthat testing framework.

  • The documentation is now generated with Roxygen2.

  • Entry points to C code are now properly registered.

eaf 1.07 2015-01-07

  • Silence CRAN warning for GNU extensions in Makefiles in inst/scripts/eaf/Makefile.

eaf 1.06 2014-10-01

  • Fix bug when automatically generating a legend in eafplot with the formula interface (Thanks to Bernd Bischl for reporting this)

  • Improve handling of various newline character formats.

  • Reduce memory consumption (up to four times less memory).

  • eafdiff.pl: Mention option –legendpos=none to hide the legend.

  • eafplot.pl: Add options –maximise and –xmaximise and –colors=. Fix bug with –area.

  • eafplot.default() now requires two colors when type=="area" and a palette is interpolated between these two colors for all the different levels plotted (Thanks to Alexandre Quemy for the suggestion).

eaf 1.05 2013-02-20

  • Implement type = "area") for eafdiffplot(). This is now the default.

    The idea for the algorithm to compute the areas was provided by Carlos M. Fonseca. The implementation uses R polygons, which some PDF viewers may have trouble rendering correctly (See https://cran.r-project.org/doc/FAQ/R-FAQ.html#Why-are-there-unwanted-borders).

    Plots will look correct when printed. To get the previous behavior use eafdiffplot(, type = "point").

  • Attempt to deal with DOS/Unix newlines correctly.

  • eafplot.pl: Lots of cleanup.
    (–single, –output, –legend): New options.
    Default to PDF.

  • eafdiff.pl: Many cleanups. EAF diff with type=“area” is the default now. Parameter –cex replaced by –scale. Do not require ps2eps. Handle –obj1= better. Crop pdf before converting to png. (–noattsurfs): New option. (–output-dir,–output): New options. (–eps): New option. PDF is the default now.

  • Force eafdiff plots to use a square plotting region.

  • read.data.sets() normalizes paths, thus it works with files such as ~/file.

  • Function eafdiffplot() handles percentiles=NA and grand.lines parameter.

  • Fix bug with ranges and maximise=TRUE in eafdiffplot().

  • Fix points.steps to work correctly for all values of maximise.

  • Fix bug in eafdiffplot(…, maximise=c(TRUE,FALSE), full.eaf = TRUE)

  • Fix “log” parameter in eafplot and eafdiffplot.

  • Avoid that eafplot.formula modifies global options.

  • Add ‘axes’ parameter to eafplot.

  • To avoid confusion, the arguments ‘xaxis.side’ and ‘yaxis.side’ of eafplot can only take values c(“below”, “above”) and c(“left”, “right”), respectively.

  • Add missing Makefile in inst/scripts/eaf/.

eaf 1.04 2012-01-10

  • Fix issues with only one point in the EAF.

eaf 1.03 2011-12-04

  • Handle maximise argument in eafdiffplot and –maximise command-line option in eafdiff.pl

  • R/calls.R (eafplot.data.frame): Fix problem with main parameter.

eaf 1.00 Unreleased

  • Initial release available in CRAN.